Bach Flower Essence Workshops in Northwood.

Make a fresh start and learn something new!


What a Bach Flower Essences Workshop can help you with

In a half day introductory workshop you will learn about Dr Edward Bach’s life and discovery of the 38 flower essences and how to use them for yourself, family and friends in a clear and simple manner in order to relax, be more confident and cope with life’s changes and much more.

What the workshops cover

We will cover the early life of Dr Bach, a respected orthodox doctor, pathologist and bacteriologist and how he developed his thoughts on health and disease; his philosophy; how different individuals react to stress in their lives and how we can learn to choose the right essences to change negative imbalanced emotions into more positive harmonious ones and so help ourselves. You will be given an overview of all 38 essences and we will discuss Dr Bach’s emergency combination and the 10 most popular essences.

We will work in pairs to help each other recognise any imbalanced feelings which may be preventing us from fulfilling our true potential in life or we can role play some of life’s situations and decide which essences would be helpful. These role plays have proved to be very popular in workshops and can maintain confidentiality as wished. We will mention the important development in 1970s and 1980s in USA of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) which has shown that there is a physical link between emotions and the immune system, and that there is a relationship between the nervous and immune systems; this would have pleased doctor Bach greatly if he was alive today! You will learn how to make your own essence mixture; how to use it and when and if you need to visit a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP). The role of a BFRP will be discussed.

You will be given a complete study pack of notes and leaflets to take with you.

The above details refer to workshops for up to 6 people at my home.

Will I have to tell the group my personal feelings?
No, certainly not, confidentiality is honoured throughout and that is where the Role Play sessions can be so helpful.
I don’t have any scientific knowledge; will this make the workshop difficult to understand?

No it won’t, because you do not need a scientific background to learn to help yourself in the way Dr Bach intended. The reason he kept things simple was to enable everyone to learn to recognise when they needed a remedy and so help themselves.


Would it be better for me to come with a friend or will I still benefit from the workshop if I come alone?
Bringing a friend to the workshop is entirely optional, if you come alone you will benefit from everything we cover just the same.


£40 which includes refreshments; a light vegetarian lunch; study pack; a Bach Flower book and your personal essence mixture.  10% discount if you book with a friend.  Payment in advance please.



I attended a Bach Flower Essence Workshop in April run by Helen Gordon.  It was a really enjoyable day, well planned and structured. We learnt about the home and work place of Dr Edward Bach in the years when he completed research into his flower essence system history, which was very interesting.  This was followed by an overview of the essences, finishing up with us producing essences for us to take away at the end of the workshop and a good understanding of the uses for them.  The workshop was well planned and Helen clearly has a great knowledge of her subject, and is a good facilitator.  It was interactive and a great fun way to learn about using Bach essences, as well as being good value for money.



A wonderful workshop which was very enjoyable and very well planned. The introduction to the Bach Flowers has inspired me to help friends and family in the future. I cannot wait to start making my own remedies and feeling their positivity.


A lovely introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies.  Helen made us feel very welcome in her home, providing a delicious lunch and refreshments. This was a very informative course giving us great insight into the world of Bach Flowers.  Feeling very calm after a lovely, enjoyable day. Thank you Helen!


I didn’t know anything about Bach flowers or how to use the essences. I learnt so much at the Workshop and enjoyed the video of Dr Bach’s life; the demonstrations and practical activities. I know people who would benefit from what I learnt today. We were given many resources to take with us; a Bach Flower Book, our own remedy mix, notes and a bottle of Rescue Remedy.  I highly recommend Helen’s Bach Flower Workshop.


Interested in attending?

Please contact me for further details and to book a place.  Email Helen using the form below or call 07733 047 164.

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Payment Options


Pay via Paypal in advance for one ticket which includes lunch.
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£36 each bring a friend

Pay via Paypal in advance for two tickets (£72) and get a discount for bringing a friend.
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To pay via cheque send an email to Helen to get her address and payee details.
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