I taught Biology to ‘A’ Level for many years. During this time I also taught Physical Relaxation to my ‘A’ Level students in their General Studies classes as well, as small groups of people in my own home.

I’ve also studied and practised Yoga and T’ai Chi Chuan, the Chinese art of meditation for health. I now concentrate on studying, the essence of and comparisons of world religions and The Ancient Wisdom teachings, and I find the similarities and oneness of the various philosophies of much interest. I practise and study meditation and give guided sessions to help others.

Physical Relaxation

What it involves

Physical relaxation relaxes tense muscles and allows you to let go of the natural biological “Fight and flight” process we all experience in an emergency. If this tense state is prolonged it can lead to headaches, aching muscles, over-breathing and more. Each class will teach you how to become aware of tense muscles and how to relax them. The aim is that in time you will be able to relax muscles in any situation when needed.

How can physical relaxation help me?

By learning to bring simple relaxation techniques into your daily life you will feel calmer and be able to cope with a busy life in a busy world and develop a sense of well being.

6 week course

Cost. £120. 6 Weeks course; 2hr sessions each week. Includes follow up class after 4 weeks to see how you have progressed.

Times. Daytime and evening classes midweek. Please contact me for further information and to book a class. Payment in advance please.


What it involves

I guide small groups, in a warm, family atmosphere, who wish to meditate in order to calm both mind and body and to increase awareness of the caring, nurturing aspect and unity of all life. We may use inspirational writings; music and art to help us work in harmony together; expand our consciousness; live in the now and see the world as one.

How can meditation help me?

If you are searching for something more than perhaps a life of daily chores, conflicts, worries which you are constantly thinking about and you may be questioning what is going on; this meditation group may be for you. People from all backgrounds and cultures meet together in an atmosphere of harmony and service to others.

Meditation groups in Northwood

Cost. By donation only.

Times.   Wednesday. 7.30- 9.00 Other times may be arranged. Please contact me for further information.

Meditation and Relaxation in Hertfordshire

I offer private consultations from my home in Northwood and also serve the local community in surrounding areas such as Watford, Harrow, Bushey, Ruislip, Eastcote and Pinner.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between relaxation and meditation?

They compliment each other. It is up to the individual to decide where they prefer to begin. Some people find that meditation enables them to physically relax immediately, others feel they require physical relaxation before they can meditate. For others both happens simultaneously. Many people are very happy practising physical relaxation only.

Is hypnotism the same as meditation? I am worried that I may be hypnotised!

No it isn’t. You have a choice whether to meditate or not. You are personally responsible for choosing any method which suits you and helps you to relax.

I am in my 80s; can I learn to physically relax?

Yes you can. There is no age limit to learning awareness of tense muscles and learning to “let go”.

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Relaxation Course Payment

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