Crystal Healing

I have a Professional BSY Advanced Crystal Healing Diploma and am now a BSY Registered Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner.

I will be working with crystals to help balance chakra energies in clients who request it. Also, one-to-one personalised healing sessions where we work together for healing and the highest good. 

Both Bach therapy and crystal therapy work in a subtle manner and are complementary not alternatives to orthodox medicine. If you are ill please contact a medical practitioner.

Both flowers and crystals gently help emotional imbalance, disharmony. Crystals can help physical symptoms too. All things have life force, chi or prana and it is this in the flowers and crystals which provide us with harmony and healing.

Both crystals and flower essences are vibrational and holistic healers which scientific research is gradually proving, even though many would say it is controversial. It is a human trait to be wary of the new and different and of course changes.

Crystals and gemstones have been an inspiration to humanity for thousands of years.  Crystals and stones are minerals which are paramount on planet earth. All life is built upon minerals, both plant and animal kingdoms could not exist without minerals; they are part of us, part of our very lives.

The ancients used crystals for healing and they are mentioned in the Bible, Koran and other ancient texts. They transmit energy by emitting powerful vibrations and frequencies.  These properties are used today for example crystal such as quartz used in televisions, fibre optics, clocks and computers.

There is so much beauty in nature which  we see above ground;  let us not forget the crystals which are developing slowly below the earth infused with divine healing energies.


£15 (30mins chakra balancing)
£20 (45mins personalised healing which includes a crystal of your choice)

Caring + Courtesy

Please arrive on time.  24hr cancellation notice is required please or you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Crystal Healing in Hertfordshire

I offer private consultations from my home in Northwood and also serve the local community in surrounding areas such as Watford, Harrow, Bushey, Ruislip, Eastcote and Pinner.

How to book

Call or email me to book your session by clicking the button below.