The 38 Bach Flowers & Dr Bach

Bach flower essences aim to support our unbalanced emotional states, they do not treat physical or emotional illnesses. If you are ill please consult a qualified medical professional.

The Bach flower system is simple to use and Dr Edward Bach’s dream was that everyone should have the essences at home and know how and when to use them. They are safe to use for all age groups and have no side effects. There are 38 single essences and one extra which is Dr Bach’s emergency combination.

Dr Edward Bach discovered the 38 essences during the 1930s and they are now used worldwide. He was a Harley Street doctor, bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath. He became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine at the time and thought that doctors concentrated too much on the diseases and not enough on the people who were suffering from them. (The Greek physician Hippocrates, taught that patients should be seen as a whole, and more time should be spent looking at people rather than disease. “ Hippocratic Collection” before 375 BC.) Dr Bach believed illness to be the effect of disharmony between body and mind and he eventually left his Harley Street practice to concentrate on studying a new system of holistic, healing involving plant essences. He believed that the body’s natural state is health “at-ease” and illness or “dis-ease” is an unnatural state.

What the consultation involves

All consultations are confidential one to one sessions. During which you will be encouraged to describe your feelings at the present time and to talk about how and when they started upsetting you. What do you think were the triggers that may have caused you to have these negative feelings.

Together during the first session we will decide which essences are indicated for you and I will make an essence bottle of your own personal mixture and show you how it is made. You will be advised how and when to take it and written instructions will be given with the bottle for you to take with you. The mixture will last up to 3 weeks during which time you may contact me to inform me as to how you are feeling and whether you need more of that combination. A second follow up consultation will be arranged to see how you are and if you feel that you no longer need any of the essences or if you need a different essence. If necessary a new mixture will be made for you and further explanations on other ways to take them. Then a third and final consultation is arranged after which you will be confident to make your own future essences when required and for family and friends.


Price:     £35

Time Involved

Consultation:    1 hour

Caring + Courtesy

Please arrive on time.  24hr cancellation notice is required please or you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Bach Flowers in Hertfordshire

I offer private consultations from my home in Northwood and also serve the local community in surrounding areas such as Watford, Harrow, Bushey, Ruislip, Eastcote and Pinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already taking medication for a physical illness, can I take Bach essences as well?

Yes, you can take the essences with any other form of medication, orthodox or complementary. The only exception is if your doctor has told you to avoid alcohol. Please take medical advice before using the essences.

Can you give the essences to children?

Yes children of all ages can benefit from the essences and even young babies. They can be rubbed into wrists or temples and don’t have to be taken by mouth.

What if I am pregnant?

You can take the essences safely at any stage of pregnancy, they will not harm you or your baby. However, if you have concerns always contact your midwife or doctor.

Why do I need to see a Bach Foundation Practitioner when I can just read the leaflets in a Health Food Shop and work out what I need?

You do not have to visit a practitioner but sometimes a person is so emotionally involved that they cannot always see the situation objectively enough to select the best essence.  A practitioner who is not so closely involved can give an objective point of view and suggest a combination of essences that will be the best match.


Once into the routine of taking my flower essences I began to notice a subtle change to my reactions to life’s events.  I was coping….

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