Feedback from previous clients

Feeling calm and well through illness…

“I have really loved the Bach Flower Remedies. Amazingly effective and potent. My emotions during and after illness were so much balanced and I was well and calm. Thank you”


Feeling lost in the dark

“After the first week of taking the essences I had never felt so clear headed.  Life is a good deal more optimistic and I think it’s due to the essences. They have brought the light back into my life and I am so grateful that you’ve helped me achieve this.”

I attended a Bach Flower Essence Workshop in April run by Helen Gordon.  It was a really enjoyable day, well planned and structured. We learnt about the home and work place of Dr Edward Bach in the years when he completed research into his flower essence system history, which was very interesting.  This was followed by an overview of the essences, finishing up with us producing essences for us to take away at the end of the workshop and a good understanding of the uses for them.  The workshop was well planned and Helen clearly has a great knowledge of her subject, and is a good facilitator.  It was interactive and a great fun way to learn about using Bach essences, as well as being good value for money.


Feeling angry…

“The essences helped me through a very challenging time and I am most grateful for the experience.”

Support during stressful times

I have had a lot of upset lately and have been taking the remedies and also Night Rescue, it really helps. I usually need more scientific information before I get into something like this but Bach Flowers work for me! Their subtlety is fascinating.


Post op blues…

“I had an arthroscopy on my knee on October 2015 and it all went very well but left me feeling anxious, nervous, unsettled and frightened that I might knock it or that someone might accidently bang into it. I had no hesitation in ringing Helen and telling her of my plight. She asked me several questions and then said that she would put together a Bach Essence Mixture for me which could help my feelings. Within a day it arrived by post with directions on when and how to take it, which I did. After a couple of days I felt less anxious and the nervousness and fear had subdued. I cannot thank Helen enough for not only her understanding and sympathy but also for her speed, efficiency and knowledge in knowing what I needed and what to do.”

Feeling overwhelmed…

“Once into the routine of taking my essences I began to notice a subtle change to my reactions to life’s events.  I was coping.”