Colour, Crystals and Bach Flowers: Red, Pink and Purple

My recent Crystal Healing studies and subsequent qualification has lead me to be constantly connecting where possible, the colours of crystals and their healing properties on our emotions with the positive potentials of Bach Flower Essences. I can’t pick up a crystal and read of its emotional healing effects without immediately linking to the Bach Essence with a similar positive potential.

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Blues vs Happiness

Post Christmas Lull or Winter Blues aren’t just words for some of us. Are you experiencing a very long ‘ Monday morning’ feeling right now? Should we say “Happy Christmas”/ “Happy Chanucah”/ “Happy Festival of Lights” etc.? Should our greetings be perhaps “Happy Post-Christmas” etc, during the darkest time of the year! Do we desire happiness always or just at these times? Doesn’t a happy person mean a healthy person? Does harmony produce happiness, does happiness produce harmony?

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“The old order changeth”. —— Wonderful Walnut again!

I have decided to continue with Walnut from last month’s blog because it is such a wonderful essence to use in times of change, for all of us. In November I described the changes parents and children may experience and how Walnut essence helps us to remain constant to our path in life and adapt to change of circumstance; outside influences and the influences of others and not to be discouraged.

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Bach Flower Essences and Crystal Healing

Crystals help to balance our etheric body. The chakras where the inner workings of the body are reflected. Healing these areas can have a profound balancing effect on the physical body. There are many books explaining the healing properties of thousands of different crystals; mind blowing stuff and fascinating. When it comes down to it we feel
When it comes down to it we feel intuitively which crystal can help by choosing it for colour or shape and often just because it seems to ‘call to us’! A crystal healer can help our choices for both physical and emotional well- being. They will also emphasise the fact that if you require medical advice to health that you contact your doctor.

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You never know when you may need me (if Rescue Essence could talk!)

Dr Edward Bach’s Emergency Essence. I am meeting more and more people who carry a bottle of Emergency Essence with them daily. I hope never encounter a serious emergency in your life. However, this wonderful mixture is well worth keeping with you for minor emergencies and times of worry, irritation and anxiety that we all may experience from time to time during a day of normal activity. Remember too that it may help someone else you meet and can be rubbed into temples and wrists or give four drops on the tongue.

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Happy Healthy Holiday Time

We love our children; we want them near us, however, what happens to many of us during the long summer holiday? Do you secretly wish they were back at school? What triggers can cause desperation, an overwhelming feeling; impatience; exhaustion; intolerance and then…guilt. How can you cope another week longer?

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Orion’s Dog

Why dog? This is because Orion’s dog Sirius, the dog star is seen at this time. The hottest most uncomfortable days of summer! Coinciding with the rising of Sirius in the constellation Canis Major.

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About Helen

Hi, I’m Helen Gordon, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with a passion for guiding people in using these wonderful essences to inspire emotional balance. On this website you will find a wealth of information to empower you to use these essences at home for emotional wellbeing.

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