This month’s blog is dedicated to the wonderful participants at the Workshop on April 23rd.

From the beginning it was evident that the group had a lively interest and were passionate about the Bach Flower Emotional Healing System.  The lovely informative video about Dr Edward Bach, “The Journey to Simple Healing” encouraged much discussion about his life, work and philosophy on health.

I thank everyone who attended, for their commitment, support and extremely genuine search for more information about Bach Flower Essences and how they can help us help ourselves and others.

Attendees made their own remedy mix which they will take for three weeks. One person took their remedy immediately and found that during the day the negative emotion she was experiencing eased. Others understood that it may take time to reap the benefits of the positivity of the flowers.

The day ended with a role play session where everyone took it in turns to act out a particular scenario, in which a negative emotion was evident, whilst the rest of the group listened well and tried to decide which remedy would be needed.  This was a helpful exercise in listening when helping others to learn which remedy to choose.

Dr Bach would be proud of this group who are eager to ‘spread the word’ about Bach Flower Essences.

Thank you all again and look forward to hearing from you and running more workshops in future.

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