Image of Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut

A year ago today I described three Bach Flower Essences, whose flowers appear in June. These are Red Chestnut, Mustard and Wild Rose. I also mentioned that instead of buying the stock bottles we can make our own.

Some people enjoy making their own remedies and it is really quite simple and can be both relaxing and enjoyable.

There are a few very important things to bear in mind.

First and foremost is to make sure that you have the right plant!  Other plants, even if closely related will not give the correct effect. So, you need to check the flower with a good Botanical Classification, to ensure that you have the exact species that Dr Bach used.

Take for example, Red Chestnut, it is the tree Aesculus carnea, it has vibrant red flowers, it is not the same as White Chestnut or Chestnut Bud, both of which are

Image of Mustard


from Aesculus hippocastanum. Red Chestnut is prepared by the Boiling method see below.

Then Mustard, this is Sinapsis arvensis. It is a member of the cabbage family and there are many similar plants, these may have hairless stems and leaves. Mustard has hairy ones. It is very important to identify this accurately.

Next, is Wild Rose ( Dog rose) Rosa canina. Its thorns may resemble the curved canine teeth of a dog. Other field roses differ; some have sharp hairs others may be furry, and these cannot be used.

Both Mustard and Wild Rose are prepared by the Sun method see below.

Boiling Method

Flowers and twigs are boiled in a sterile enamel, not aluminium, saucepan. Use pure spring water. Simmer for 30 minutes. Allow to cool with lid on, outside. When cold, filter the liquid, using  a sterile funnel and filter paper, into a bottle and add an equal amount of brandy. This is now the mother tincture. From this we can make a stock bottle ( similar to the one we buy in the shops) by adding two drops of the mother tincture into a 30ml amber dropper bottle containing brandy.

Image of Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Sun Method

Flowers are carefully cut from their stems and placed onto the surface of pure spring water in a thin glass bowl. Place in full sun for 3 – 4hrs. Then filter as above, this is the mother tincture and then make stock bottles.

I hope this gives you a brief summary of how we can make our own remedies. For fuller details it is essential to follow detailed instructions, from  various books you can find on the Bach Centre Website.

Enjoy the summer, whether you go collecting Bach flowers or decide to buy the ready made essences.

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