My recent Crystal Healing studies and subsequent qualification has lead me to be constantly connecting where possible, the colours of crystals and their healing properties on our emotions with the positive potentials of Bach Flower Essences. I can’t pick up a crystal and read of its emotional healing effects without immediately linking to the Bach Essence with a similar positive potential.

To be realistic, this task that I have decided to do is a mammoth one, when one considers the number of books and tomes written about crystals. I have delved into two tomes, namely “The Book of Stones” by R. Simmons and N. Ashian and “Love is in the Earth” by Melody. These cover over a thousand crystals! I will therefore, be skimming the surface so to speak and referring to the stones I am familiar with and use myself.

A reminder that crystals have healing potentials for both physical and emotional imbalances and Bach Essences have positive potentials for healing emotional imbalances only.  If you are ill please seek advice from your medical practitioner.

There are 38 Bach Flower Essences and some do not have petaloid flowers so no obvious colour to see.  I will be referring to 30  coloured Bach flowers over the next few months and linking their colours with coloured crystals and their emotional healing potentials.  The eight essences not being mentioned will be Wild Oat, a grass with no petals; Rock Water, not a flower; Chestnut Bud and five trees whose flowers have no coloured petals.

Here are my ideas and correlations as far as possible.  It needs some thought and cross referencing but see how close colours, crystals and Bach Flowers come to compliment some emotional healing. Good Luck!

Next month will be Yellow and White.

Image of a red heart shaped ruby crystal

Ruby Crystal

Red – warming, stimulating, energising.

  • Chakra: base/root
  • Emotional conditions: strength, courage, perseverance in diversity.
  • Crystal examples: ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper, tiger’s eye
  • Bach Flowers: where both male and female flowers of trees are used and of different colours I have only referred here to the red coloured ones.

Bach Flowers + their positive potential:                     

  • Image of Red Chestnut tree which Bach Flower essence is made from

    Red Chestnut

    Red Chestnut: able to care for others without anxiety.

  • Pine (female cones): less negative, more realistic, accept and respect oneself.
  • Oak: remaining strong and energetic but allowing time to restore own energy.
  • Impatiens: quick thinking remains; impatience.transformed into being more sympathetic to others who are slow.
  • Larch (female flowers): capable, determined, realistic, more confident. Don’t say “ Can’t”.
  • Honeysuckle: able to live in the present; the past is seen as experience. Can move forward now, accepting changes as life experiences.
  • Elm (reddish brown): reassured of capabilities; take on only as much as can cope with.
An image of a Rose Quartz crystal representing self-love.

Rose Quartz – self-love.

Pink – soothing, calming, peace of mind.  

  • Chakra: heart
  • Emotional conditions: heart both physical and spiritual.
  • Crystal examples-  Rose quartz, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Pink opal.

Bach Flowers + their positive potential: 

  • An image of the centaury flower which the bach flower essence is made from.


    Vervain ( pale mauve or pink): strong views remain but do not impose them on others.

  • Centaury (pale pink): serves willingly but can also take care of own needs and can say “no”.
  • Wild Rose (pale pink/ white): a lively interest in life, apathy gone. Uses initiative.
  • Heather (pink/purple): a good listener, selfless. Understands others; uses own suffering as experience. 
Image of an amythest crystal

Amythest Crystal

Purple, Mauve & Violet – inspiration, dedication, creativity.

  • Chakra: crown
  • Emotional conditions: peace, tranquillity, enhances understanding; comforts if lonely.
  • Crystal examples: Amethyst, Purple fluorite.

Bach Flowers + their positive potential:

  • Image of a gentian flower used to make the Bach flower essence


    Gentian (purple/violet): realises that there is no failure; a setback can be overcome; will try again.

  • Water Violet: develops a warmer relationship with others, still maintains dignity but can empathise and help others.

I hope you enjoy these connections as much as I do.

See you soon.


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Diagram of person meditating with coloured chakra points highlighted on body