As you might have read in February’s blog post, my recent Crystal Healing studies and subsequent qualification has lead me to be constantly connecting where possible, the colours of crystals and their healing properties on our emotions with the positive potentials of Bach Flower Essences. I can’t pick up a crystal and read of its emotional healing effects without immediately linking to the Bach Essence with a similar positive potential.

Last month was focussed on Red, Pink and Purple. This month I’m focussing on Yellow and White.



  • Boosts Life Force Energy
  • Energising and empowering
  • Boosts creativity
  • Sense of well being.
  • Chakra-solar plexus
  • Emotional conditions-inspiring
  • Gorse


  • Mental stimulant
  • CRYSTAL examples- Citrine (boosts creativity, encousrages sharing, boosts self- esteem,promotes joy in life, releases deep negative fears), Amber (not actually a crystal but a fossilized tree resin. Links us to the higher self, encourages peace and trust, promotes wisdom and service), Tiger’s eye (balances yin-yang energy, gives courage to move forward, lifts moods and depression), Yellow fluorite (enhances creativity and flow of ideas, helps clear the mind of worry and negative thoughts), Topaz, (golden- yellow topaz is a soother and a healer,; strengthens faith and optimism, gives confidence, pride in abilities yet being generous and openhearted).

Yellow Bach Flowers + their positive potential:

  • Agrimony: genuinely cheerful; communicate real feelings openly. Accept life, pleasant and unpleasant.  See problems in perspective. Inner joy.
  • Gorse:  After a set-back or disappointment the feeling is of hope and determination and that there is no failure.
  • Image of Mimulus


    Mimulus:  Enjoys life without fear. Confident and courageous; can stand up to others.
  • Mustard: Return of joy. Feels more stable, under control and at peace in all circumstances.
  • Pine: (male flowers are clusters of small yellow balls).  Acceptance and respect for self.  No negative judgements.


  • Moonstone

    Aligned with the moon.
  • Faith and purity.
  • Associated with the universal connection with spirituality, consciousness.
  • Re-energises during sleep.
  • Focuses the mind.
  • Chakra-crown. 
  • CRYSTAL examples- Clear Quartz-universal crystal; Diamond (all chakras), new beginnings; new projects. Selenite encourages a positive flow of life events). Moonstone, soothes emotions, prevents repeating negative patterns; promotes caring.

White Bach Flowers + their positive potential:

  • Image of Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum:  a calm mind, rational thinking.    N.B. If very severe, advice from a good therapist is recommended).
  • Clematis:  a  lively interest replaces apathy.  Interested in life and environment and enjoyment.  Creative potential, inspirational and fulfilling.  Well grounded, controls thoughts.
  • Crab Apple: acceptance of self and one’s imperfections.  Positive self image and relaxed about their looks and their surroundings.
  • Holly: Generous hearted; gives without demanding anything in return.  Loving, not possessive.  Inner harmony.  Pleased to see others succeed.
  • Olive: Strength and vitality restored.  Interest in life remains but now able to recognise own needs and not get exhausted.
  • Image of Star of Bethlehem

    Star of Bethlehem

    Star of Bethlehem: Becomes comforted from the effects of shock, either immediate or delayed.  Can move on.
  • Wild Rose: Peace of mind.  Clearer, controlled thinking put to good use for positive problem solving.  Lives in the ‘now’.

Hope you are enjoying making connections. Next month will be the colours Blue and Green. – Helen

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