Carrying on the theme of the previous month’s blog posts on similarities between crystals and Bach Flower essences of the same colour, this month we are focussing on blue and green.  You can also read about yellow and white and red, pink and purple on the blog.



  • Soothing, refreshing.
  • Helps relaxation and sleep.
  • Mental Clarity
  • Helps organise thoughts, expression and communication skills.
  • Chakra- throat. Thyroid.
  • Spiritually calming
  • Crystal examples-  Blue Agate (Helps to express thoughts and feelings; neutralises anger; peaceful energies) Blue Topaz (Helps you to live according to your own aspirations and views) Aquamarine (green-blue)  Invokes tolerance of others; encourages self-responsibility.)


Blue Bach Flowers and their positive potential

  • Cerato
    This beautiful blue flower encourages a trust of one’s own inner wisdom and the courage to follow it.  Self-assurance and decisiveness and living to your own ideals and not be influenced by others.


  • Chicory
    A blue composite flower a member of the Daisy family. People who can care for others without becoming possessive or controlling. They can give love without wanting anything in return. They are sensitive to the needs of others and love them unconditionally.




  • Calming and Energising; allowing calm activity.
  • Harmony.
  • Peace
  • Well being
  • Unity.
  • The colour of healing.
  • “…beneficial to the industrialised world”… “nature is dressed in green”. ( Quoted from  “ The American Secrets of Crystal Healing” by Luc Bourgault)
  • Chakra- Heart
  • Crystal examples.  Jade ( inner peace; inner strength to achieve goals)   Malachite ( Calm and serene; Endurance to complete a task; healing emotional wounds) Emerald (promotes kindness; releasing feelings of jealousy; calms a bad temper). Aventurine( reduces stress e.g. exams; helps motivation)

Green Bach Flowers and their positive potential

  • Aspen
    The female flowers are grey-green and are used along with the grey male flowers to make the remedy.) A state of inner peace ( cf Green Jade above!)The positive Aspen has no fear, no apprehension. Dr Bach said: “The cause of all our troubles is self and separateness, and this vanishes as soon as Love and the knowledge of the great Unity becomes part of our natures”.
  • Scleranthus

    Can make decisions; no fear of life; confident that if an error occurs it is part of life and at least an opportunity hasn’t been missed.



  • Sweet Chestnut
    Just like this tall strong tree “ … demonstrates a life force that is quite exceptional, capable of carrying aloft into the sunlight the exhausted spirit of those who have wrestled in the darkness below” ( Quoted from The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach by Julian and Martine Barnard)  A person is released from despair; optimism and peace of mind is the outcome. The “dark night of the soul” experience having passed gives a sense of support from within.



  • Vine

    The flowers from the natural wild-type are used not those from the cultivated vines of the vineyards.  Vine gives a positive more understanding attitude towards others without having to domineer. Good is seen in others who are encouraged and guided without controlling. Wisdom pervades and the positive vine person inspires people with confidence.



  • Walnut
    Constancy and protection from outside influences. The positive Walnut is no longer tempted to deviate from their own path in life; however strong the opinions of others may seem. Important life changes are helped by Walnut e.g. giving birth; puberty; menopause; ageing etc. Life changes that some people find difficult to cope with and accept.


A close to the colour series…

Enjoy the Springtime; new fresh life force is everywhere. Stop and listen to it!

Let me know how you are enjoying comparing colour, crystals and Bach Flowers. A unifying exercise for mind, body and spirit.  This is the last one of the series.

Something different for next blog. If you have any topics you would like to suggest please let me know; obviously, those connected to Bach Flowers.

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