Post Christmas Lull or Winter Blues aren’t just words for some of us. Are you experiencing a very long ‘ Monday morning’ feeling right now?  Should we say “Happy Christmas”/ “Happy Chanukah”/ “Happy Festival of Lights” etc.?  Should our greetings be perhaps “Happy Post-Christmas” etc, during the darkest time of the year! Do we desire happiness always or just at these times?  Doesn’t a happy person mean a healthy person?  Does harmony produce happiness, does happiness produce harmony?

I just love Pharrell Williams’s song ‘Happy’. I quote…

‘’Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof… Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth’’

The words and the rousing music of this song make us smile.  Make us tap our feet or get up and dance! A room without a roof! I feel that means being free and open to all; at one with the world and all its joyful beauty. This being the TRUTH …. so happiness is truth.  Did you know that harmony or concord comes from Latin ‘’concors’ meaning ‘one mind’?

Another ‘happy’ song is Judy Garland singing…

“Forget all your troubles, come on get happy.  Chase all your cares away”.

This can be a tall order but what a positive challenge!  Whether singing and dancing to feel happy and relaxed is or isn’t your thing you can always try Dr Bach’s flower essences to bring out your positive side, the true harmonious YOU!

In the many words of Dr Edward Bach who knew that happiness in life was the key to wellness; health, harmony and being at- ease is our natural state; illness, disharmony, dis-ease is unnatural.

“Any disease, however serious, however long-standing, will be cured by restoring to the patient happiness, and a desire to carry on with his/her life work.”.  Original Writings 0f Edward Bach

Image of Hornbeam treeSo, for that continuous ‘Monday morning’ feeling try the lovely Hornbeam, positively helping you to face the day with a clear head; to balance your energy with work and play; a fresh start feeling, a liveliness returns and life is enjoyable again. (also see other articles about Hornbeam)

For being irritable because you find life too slow, although you are so capable others may annoy you because they are slow, the suggestion is Impatiens, this essence’s positive potential helps relaxation and a good-nature and sympathy towards others. (also see other articles about Impatiens).

Image of Agrimony

Are you actually hiding your feelings behind a cheerful face; unable to express your fears and worries so that you dwell on your pain in private and maybe take to drink or drugs to ease it?  If this is the case try the positive aspect of Agrimony.  A genuinely cheerfulness pervades; communication improves and life is more easily accepted. (also see other articles about Agrimony)

Image of Beech treeIntolerant and critical?  Feeling superior? Beech’s positive potential encourages tolerance, compassion and a feeling of unity with others.  Wow! The world could do with this. Here’s unity again, ‘at one-ness’.  (also see other articles about Beech

Image of GentianAre you feeling discouraged and despondent right now?  Are you disheartened at this time of year?  The positive potential of Gentian can lift that feeling to the positive you.  Helping you to overcome any setbacks or obstacles, giving you the confidence to realise that difficulties can be overcome and that you are doing your best. (also see other articles about Gentian

I mention just five of Dr Bach’s wonderful essences that could help you through the January Blues, depending on how you are feeling at this time.  There are thirty eight essences and on analysis you may need others so please don’t fret and suffer at this time of year.  Contact me for more help in deciding which essences may help you!

Of course in an emergency and for a short time Rescue Essence may just do the trick!  I would love to hear your views if you are taking Bach Flower Essences at the moment and how they are helping you cope.

Happy New Year and beyond!

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