The second group in Dr Bach’s seven groups for negative emotions is uncertainty.

A little about the science…

Before I begin I’d like to mention that during my studies in crystal healing, I have been researching and revising from my teaching days, the mineral kingdom and the behaviour of atoms.

This lead me to Albert Einstein’s Quantum Physics which then lead to Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. The Uncertainty Principle confirms that, “ There is a limit to how well we can know the position and momentum of a particle”. You can never know everything about particles at once; indeterminacy.

The ‘old’ / classical science of Isaac Newton was determinism science, where things were determined from beginning to end. Nothing was left to chance, the future could be determined.

The new physics describes probable realities. There is no one model which accounts for everything; realities are elusive. Quantum science will be the future science and will revolutionise how we see the universe, ourselves and our health.

The mathematical methods used are complicated so now let’s return to Dr Edward Bach, educated in the ‘old’ science but as far as his research into health goes he said “keep it simple”.

He was an intuitive man who understood so much about health which today scientists are gradually proving to be right. Holistic medicine is accepted today. Our cells do receive information from our thoughts which can affect our immune systems so we can become ill or remain well depending on our thoughts. 

The new science will be revolutionary as so many ‘new’ ideas often are at first. Science is becoming ‘unseen’; esoteric maybe, even mystical. More and more scientists are finding clarity and agreement as their research gets closer to the Truth.

Bach Flowers for Uncertainty

We cannot be certain of anything in life, nothing is predetermined.  If you feel uncertain and worried about aspects of your life read about the wonderful Bach Essences that Dr Bach used and which are benefitting people worldwide today.

The 5 essences in this group are Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Hornbeam and Wild Oat.

Photograph of a cerato flower



There is actually some uncertainty about this plant, a small shrub found in England, with beautiful blue flowers with a touch of purple. It is called Chinese Plumbago. The uncertainty comes from the fact that it came to England in 1908 and it is not certain from where exactly, probably West China and there is a connection to Tibet too. This may seem a contradiction as Dr Bach only used wild, native flowers, yet Cerato is an exception, ( also Olive and Vine).  However, as Dr Bach failed to find an English substitute he used the cultivated variety which he found in 1930s in Cromer, Norfolk.

The negative Cerato state is indecision. Do you make up your mind to do something but then start questioning it and seek advice from others? Do you then end up doing something else that was not your own decision? If you are not trusting yourself, you lack confidence in your own ideas and you are not following the natural intuition that you have. Cerato will help you have confidence and trust in yourself, be decisive and assured so that you will follow your true vocation. “ captain of your own ship”,  as Dr Bach said (see other previous articles about this essence).

Photo of scleranthus



Do you stand in front of a supermarket shelf and can’t make up your mind which bar of chocolate or which soap powder to choose?  May be your moods are up and down and changeable so that you just can’t make decisions. Is this really preventing you from moving forward, getting on with things? This type of indecision is uncertainty; a lack of confidence.  The positive potential of Scleranthus can help you make that decision because you have the confidence and feel balanced in all circumstances and make decisions quickly and with ease (see other previous articles about this essence).

Photograph of Gentian



If you are doubtful and easily discouraged when things don’t go to plan in your life, Gentian may help you to overcome this and help you feel less awed. Small set backs are overcome and you no longer feel disheartened as your positive side says “There is no failure, when I do my best”. Is your child disheartened because school work isn’t as it should be? Gentian can help them cope and overcome difficulties in a gentle positive way.  After a long illness are you feeling despondent?  Try Gentian to help you feel more able to cope knowing that recovery is on the way!  (see other previous articles about this essence)

Photograph of Hornbeam leaves



Is that ‘Monday morning feeling’ with you every day of the week? Do you find it hard to face the day?  Is procrastination preventing you from getting on with life; from getting on with the things you need to do and know that you are capable of but you just can’t get around to doing them? This is uncertainty and you doubt your own abilities and maybe you feel muddled and lack confidence just to get on with things.!

The positive potential of Hornbeam encourages you to face up to difficulties and to be confidant in your own abilities.  Doubt and uncertainty change to a balanced vitality and clear headedness (see other previous articles about this essence).

Image of Wild Oat

Wild Oat – courtesy of the Bach Centre

Wild Oat

The fifth and final essence in this uncertainty group.  If we have ‘lost’ the way in life and know not where to turn to fulfil our true potential then Wild Oat’s positivity can set us on the right track. It helps us to see the way forward and gives direction. It has been particularly useful when seeking a career in life. Many talented people have several possible paths open to them but can’t decide which one to take. Sometimes it becomes apparent that they can follow more than one career. From uncertainty to clear direction is the way of Wild Oat (see other previous articles about this essence).

Please remember that Bach Flower Essences help our unbalanced emotions and are not for physical illness. If you are ill please visit your doctor. If you would like further information on the above essences or any others you can contact me for an informal chat or by e-mail given on this website.

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