These are: Beech, Chicory, Rock Water, Vervain and Vine.

Perhaps you’re wondering what happened to groups three, four, five and six here in my blog. Group one and group two ( Fear and Uncertainty) were posted here in July and September blogs. Due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t continue here so I posted the ‘missing’ groups on my Facebook page over the last few months. Please read them there.

They are:                                            Group three: Loneliness

                                                              Group four: Insufficient interest in the Present.

                                                              Group five: Over-sensitive to information and ideas.

                                                              Group six: Despondency and Despair.

Continuing with the seventh group, we find that the reasons we may over-care for people can be many, depending on the nature of the carer. Of course I hear you say ‘I care because I love’ or maybe ‘ I love therefore I care’.

Next question- ‘How does your loving care make the other person feel?” This is paramount to caring. Do we always get it right? Can we truly say the care is for another or is it really for how it makes us feel ourselves? Of course we can’t always get it right. Are we possessive, stifling and really working towards our own needs?  If so, there is imbalance and we may feel thwarted and unloved and so we need some help to balance these negative emotions, which cause us unhappiness and stress.

To realise true compassion may require us to re-think our ‘tactics’ when caring for loved ones.  If these words resonate with you, ask yourself if you’re overcritical, intolerant ( Beech);  love attention (Chicory); follow a strict lifestyle to be an example to others ( Rock Water); passionate to the extent that you want to save the world and get everyone else to follow you (Vervain); or do you like to authorise others as to what they should do, pressurise them or bully them into doing what you think is right (Vine)?

If you feel you need one or several of these essences then try to analyse yourself and your feelings. If you need more help in deciding which essences to choose, then please contact me. A 15-minute phone call may be all that you need or you may prefer a consultation to set you on the road to recognise any unbalanced feelings and emotions which are on- going and causing upset.

Remember that Bach Flower Essences do not treat physical illness. If you are ill please contact your doctor.

Image of Beech tree



The positive potential of Beech is to understand and see the good in others even if they don’t do things exactly as you do. To honour the different ways that others think and behave.





The positive potential of Chicory is to be able to care unselfishly for others and not ask for their love in return. The love is warm, kind and sensitive to another’s needs.



Image of Rock Water

Rock Water

Rock Water

This essence is the only one which is not a flower; it comes from clear natural springs that flow with nature’s own energy. Its positive potential lies in its ability to ‘flow’, that is to be flexible and allow one’s high ideals not to take over their lives so that they can only see their point of view. A more relaxed attitude to the ideas of others is encouraged and if required, even a change of mind!


Image of Vervain



Vervain’s positive potential is a relaxed, wise person; their strong views are not imposed on others and they have an open mind and calmer approach to life’s events.



Image of Vine



The positive potential is to allow others to express their own views without trying to domineer them into doing things their way. They can see the good in others and their own confidence will help to inspire them.



“If we set everybody around us at liberty, we find that in return we are richer in love and possessions than ever we were before, for the love that gives freedom is the great love that binds the closer”. Collected Writings, Dr E. Bach

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