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Feeling depressed, stressed or angry? Perhaps feeling tired and anxious is a daily struggle for you. You may even feel heartbroken after a break up or overwhelmed from caring for your family and loved ones.

Weight can be an ongoing problem, especially when it’s so hard to stick to a healthy eating regime. Stopping and starting diets can feel so deflating, yet you may know you need to lose weight. Maybe you wonder why you can’t just stick to a healthy eating plan?!

You may have tried Dr Bach’s emergency combination which didn’t help on that occasion, or a flower essence that a friend suggested but you’re not really even sure what it was for. You might be curious about flower essences, yet you aren’t sure which one you need.

When your emotions are so unbalanced it can be hard to lead a happy and productive life, and Bach Flower Essences can be an ideal solution to bring emotions back into balance over time.

I’m Helen Gordon, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with a passion for guiding people in using these wonderful essences to inspire emotional balance.

After leaving school I studied Pharmacy at London University but then changed to a Botany and Zoology degree course at Birkbeck College London.

I worked at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington involved with counting pollen grains collected locally and sending the Pollen Count to the weather centre for publishing each day.

After having my children I became involved with The National Childbirth Trust and became a breast feeding councillor; advising and supporting expectant mums before and after the birth of their babies.

I later became a Relaxation Teacher, having trained with Relaxation for Living in the 80’s.

I went on to teach Biology in various grammar and comprehensive schools and later on at an independent Girls Public Day School Trust School. During this time I was a sixth form tutor and taught Health Studies and General Studies, which included Relaxation Techniques for examinations and for life!

I was Head of the Biology Department for eleven years and am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.

After a long, successful and enjoyable teaching career I decided to do something different and worked for the NHS in a Medical Centre which enabled me to continue in the ‘caring’ field, but this time not just children but a good cross section of society. I enjoyed this position very much indeed dealing with the public and their concerns and able in some small way to be helpful and of use.

The Bach Flower Essences were introduced to me by my teenage children when they were studying for examinations and I started to use them too.

Eventually when I discovered that there were Bach Flower Courses I decided to enrol and became a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. I am passionate about the Bach System and its philosophy and will give any excuse to tell people about them and how everyone can help themselves to health and vitality and fulfil their potential using these natural non-invasive essences. The idea of empowerment for one’s own health is something dear to my heart and as you will see in this website I love giving talks, holding workshops and helping clients during consultations and beyond.

Professional Associations

Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology
Registered on the International Register of Practitioners at the Dr Edward Bach Centre


B.Sc. Botany and Zoology, London University
BFRP – Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner


When my children first left home to go to university I was over-concerned and worried about them being on their own. Red Chestnut essence helped to transform my negative emotions and no longer feel anxious for their safety.

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