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Book in for a private consultation for personalised advice, guidance and an essence combination to support you in cultivating emotional balance.

Bach Flower Workshops

Learn about Dr Edward Bach’s life and discovery of the 38 flower essences and how to use them for yourself, family and friends in a clear and simple manner.

Relaxation & Meditation

Join one of my warm and friendly groups to discover how relaxation or meditation could help you create a sense of calm in mind and body.

Bach Flower Essences can help you:

face your fears • live the day • reach out to others • know your own mind • find joy and hope • live and let live • stand your own ground

Welcome! I’m Helen Gordon, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with a passion for guiding people in using these wonderful essences to inspire emotional balance.

If you are feeling out of balance emotionally you’re in the right place.  You might be feeling  depressed, stressed or angry.   Being tired and anxious could be a daily struggle for you.

You can explore the pages on this site to learn more about the workshops I run, private consultations or find out more about the essences and how you can use them on my blog.

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Science is tending to show that life is harmony – a state of being in tune – and that disease is discord.

The Original Writings of Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936)

Recent Blog Posts

Colour, Crystals and Bach Flowers: Red, Pink and Purple

My recent Crystal Healing studies and subsequent qualification has lead me to be constantly connecting where possible, the colours of crystals and their healing properties on our emotions with the positive potentials of Bach Flower Essences. I can’t pick up a crystal and read of its emotional healing effects without immediately linking to the Bach Essence with a similar positive potential.

Blues vs Happiness

Post Christmas Lull or Winter Blues aren’t just words for some of us. Are you experiencing a very long ‘ Monday morning’ feeling right now? Should we say “Happy Christmas”/ “Happy Chanucah”/ “Happy Festival of Lights” etc.? Should our greetings be perhaps “Happy Post-Christmas” etc, during the darkest time of the year! Do we desire happiness always or just at these times? Doesn’t a happy person mean a healthy person? Does harmony produce happiness, does happiness produce harmony?